About Us

Atomic Wombat’s corporate focus is helping the customer to achieve business success. We work with customers to successfully address their business process improvement needs, opportunities for growth, and necessary training.

Atomic Wombat has over 35 years’ experience in Software Development, Modeling and Simulation, Program Management, Systems Engineering, Quality Assurance, Mission Assurance, Corporate Leadership, and Business Process Improvement in both the Defense and Commercial arena. Atomic Wombat also has hands-on experience with establishing Quality Management Systems (QMS) and integrating multi-model/standards (such as CMMI, AS9100, and ISO standards) into a single QMS. Our experience starts from the birth of the customer’s idea and continues until we deliver successful, effective, efficient, and productive results.

Atomic Wombat specializes in Business Process Improvement. The following services blend well together when implementing Process Improvement or Quality Programs. 


Certified CMMI Training, Appraisals, Appraisal Team Member, Process Development, Consulting, and Mentoring


Consulting, Process Development, Mentoring, and Training


Consulting, Internal Auditing, Mentoring, and Training

ISO 9001:2015 AND AS9100

Consulting, Process Development, Audits, Mentoring, and Training


Consulting, Training, and Mentoring


Consulting and Mentoring

Why the name Atomic Wombat?

The company name pays homage to the company owner’s 1) love for the services the company provides, and 2) her place of birth.

1. Atomic is in reference to energy, passion, fun, and pure enjoyment that this work brings to Sara Deaton and that she brings to the work. Sara agrees with Andrew Carnegie who said “My heart is in the work.”
2. Sara Deaton was born in Sydney, Australia to US Diplomatic parents. She is a US citizen who has lived in many countries. The amazing beauty of the animals in Australia have always captured her heart. The Wombat is her favorite, as Sara can’t see one without breaking into a smile.

Atomic Wombat Inc – Where Process Improvement is fun!


  • CMMI Certified Instructor for:
    • Foundations of Capability
    • Building Development Excellence
    • Building Service Excellence
    • Virtual Solutions Delivery
    • Applying CMMI
  • CMMI Observer for Instructor Candidates
    • Development & Services
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ)
    • Certified Software Quality Engineer
    • Certified Quality Process Analyst
  • IAQG-sanctioned 9100:2016 Aerospace Auditor Transition Training
  • Certified Scrum Master


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  • “Implementing Agile and CMMI? How to know you’re succeeding.”, CMMI Institute, Capability Counts Conference, 2019
  • “Satisfying Formal Design Documentation Using Scrum & CMMI”, CMMI Institute, Capability Counts Conference, 2018
  • “CMMI Adoption with Multi-Model Integration”, CMMI Institute, Capability Counts Conference, 2017
  • “Time and Cost Estimation Simulation for Optical Disk-Based Electronic Imaging System Data Conversion Activities”, Publication, 1990