CMMI: Building Service Excellence

How to build capability in delivering and managing services

The Building Service Excellence course may be taken right after the 2-day Foundations of Capability course or after the 1-day Building Development Excellence Class. This course builds on the Foundations of Capability course and provides instruction on how to use CMMI Services to understand how to build capability in delivering and managing services by providing a detailed view of the domain’s practice areas.

This class is a requirement for anyone who is going to participate in a Services appraisal or a combined appraisal for Development and Services as an Appraisal Team Member.

  • Each student is required to have taken Foundations of Capability before taking this course.

⦁ This course is delivered virtually with a live instructor.
⦁ Class includes time for lectures, interactive activities, exercises, and questions.
⦁ Each student will need a laptop/tablet to access the CMMI online model viewer.
⦁ A computer microphone and camera are required.
⦁ Students are required to have a solid internet connection.
⦁ Students are required to actively participate throughout the duration of the course without missing class time.

⦁ This course is well suited for anyone interested in improving business performance.

⦁ Locate information in the CMMI model related to best practices in engineering and development. 
⦁ Use the CMMI Development 2.0 view to effectively assess, improve, and sustain process capability and performance.

⦁ Access to all training material
⦁ Certificate of Completion
⦁ Prerequisite for serving on a CMMI appraisal team
⦁ Prerequisite for any advanced CMMI training course

⦁ This is a 1-day course.
⦁ This course is composed of lectures and class exercise with time allotted for participant questions and discussion.

⦁ The fee for Building Service Excellence is $550.00 per participant.
⦁ Discounts are available when registering more than 3 people from the same company.

For rescheduling into a different session, please contact Atomic Wombat. No refunds after registration closes.