Agile Scrum Fundamentals and Implementation

Learn Agile Scrum and how to applied to software and complex work all while controlling quality, PERFORMANCE, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Agile Scrum Fundamentals and Implementation course provides a solid understanding of the Agile methodology, theory, and concepts. We will provide you with a strong foundation which you can take back to your Organizations and successfully build upon.

⦁ No prerequisites

⦁ This course is delivered virtually with a live instructor.
⦁ Class includes time for lectures, interactive activities, exercises, and questions.
⦁ Each student will need a laptop/tablet to participate.
⦁ A computer microphone and camera are required.
⦁ Students are required to have a solid internet connection.

⦁ This course is well suited for anyone interested in learning about Agile Scrum methodology and application.

⦁ Describe the benefits of using Agile Methodology
⦁ Describe the elements of the Agile Scrum Framework
⦁ Communicate how the traditional phases of software development are performed within the Agile environment
⦁ Understand the need for empowered teams
⦁ Develop Backlogs, Epics, User Stories, and Tasks
⦁ Develop a Sprint Release Plan and conduct Sprint ceremonies
⦁ Perform effective estimation
⦁ Begin carrying out the duties of the Scrum roles
⦁ Track and measure progress on Scrum projects
⦁ Apply the Scrum knowledge gained to your Project

⦁ Access to all training material
⦁ Certificate of Completion

⦁ This is a 1-day course.
⦁ This course is composed of lectures and class exercise with time allotted for participant questions and discussion.

⦁ The fee for AGILE Scrum Fundamentals & Implementation is $550.00 per participant.
⦁ Discounts are available when registering more than 3 people from the same company.

For rescheduling into a different session, please contact Atomic Wombat. No refunds after registration closes.